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Thai Ridgebacks is by far one of the best places you will ever consider when searching for your Thai Ridgeback. Our standards are high and evident in the quality of our Thai Ridgebacks and in the beauty of our meticulously maintained estate. We are located outside the quiet town of Worcester, NY. Our Thai Ridgeback puppies are predominantly in the Northeast Region, primarily in NY, MA, NJ, PA, CT, VT and ME. Please let us know if you are interested in a Thai Ridgeback puppy, we will put you on our list for a future litter. We hope you enjoy your visit!

The Thai Ridgeback is a unique & fascinating breed. Thai Ridgebacks are intelligent and very loyal dogs. Owning a Thai Ridgeback is an exciting experience that no other dog will give you! However, as with any breed, prospective owners should find out all there is to know about Thai Ridgebacks before determining it's the best choice for them.


We look for the best combination when choosing and breeding our Thai Ridgebacks. Our goal is healthy, robust, show quality dogs that possess all the elements....champion bloodlines, skill, intelligence, temperament, great personality, conformation....that will maintain and preserve the integrity of the breed. Our dogs are sold with a no-breeding contract unless otherwise noted.

A dog will take you on an enriching journey and demand a lifetime commitment. We are dedicated to making the experience a joyous and happy one.



This is our beautiful Cha Yen. Although she's not for sale, she is a supreme example of our Thai Ridgebacks. Playful, certainly unique and full of love and affection.

We are accepting deposits on a litter planned for Spring 2017.  If you prefer, we will just place your name on our waiting list. Please call 518-280-9993 or reach us via our contact page or email directly to sstr.diane@gmail.com

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